Best Outdoor Advertising

Billboard Advertising Tips

Here are some billboard advertising tips that will help you get the most from outdoor media.

One beautiful, eye-catching image draws a viewer's eye.

A picture communicates your message more directly than too much text. Remember, viewers don't have long to read your message.

Use your own photographic image, stock photography or new campaign photography.

Carefully choose up to seven words with your call to action.

Less is more in outdoor. If your message catches someone's eye, they'll google you. Communicate your essential message in a direct, visually appealing and memorable way. Give them a good reason to contact you.

Keep text over 12 inches high on the billboard ad to maximize readability.

Choose one readable font and try to keep the size consistent. High contrast colours make your message stand out.

Choose colours that don't occur in nature or the visual field in which the billboard is physically located.

The best outdoor advertising stands out from its visual background.